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「きえ ゆく fake light、 うまれ ゆく true light、この て に。。」

. : * うさぎせんせい * : . 杉崎ゆきる Fanclub

杉崎ゆきる * Sugisaki Yukiru
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome all Yukiru Sugisaki fans!
Welcome. This is a community dedicated to one of the greatest and most popular Manga artists around, Yukiru Sugisaki. This community is open to all fans either of her, or her work.
Owner: kuroi_kaitou

Name: 杉崎ゆきる (Sugisaki Yukiru)
Birth date: December 26
Profesion: Manga-ka
Hobbies/Interests: playing video games, collecting anything to do with bunnies
Her Works: D.N.Angel, Megami Kouhosei (also known as Pilot Candidate and Candidate for Goddess), Lagoon Engine, Rizelmine. She also only did the art for Brain Powerd and Sotsugyou M.
More About Her: Yukiru Sugisaki often protrays herself as a male, or a bunny with a mask. She gained the nickname "bunny-sensei" due to her obsession with bunnies. Thus the reason for the journal name.

Above information credited to Usagi.

More About Her from me: Something I have noticed is often times she goes by 'Sugisakiyu' as her pen name for her doujinshi.

¤·It's an open community to join, but introducing yourself would be nice·¤
May say things such as name, location, favorite manga by Sugisaki-sensei, favorite character, what you like about her, ect.
¤·Be respectful to the other members·¤
I want this to be a friendly place
I'm not saying you can't state your opinions, just don't be dumb about it
Try to keep bad language on the low, I don't mind it but others might
Do not join the community, post about how much you hate her/her work/ect. and then leave, you're only making yourself look like an idiot
Fighting is a no-no; first offense is a warning, second offense is being blocked from posting access ect for a week, and third offense is being banned from the community. I don't think we'll have this problem but I have seen it in communities I'm part of, so this is your warning
¤·You can talk about anything that is on subject of..·¤
Yukiru Sugisaki
Any of her works
Any releases
Anything by her your selling/being sold
Pictures, icons, FO banners, music, video
Ect., I'm not going to be horribly stict on this, if you're not sure if it's on subject or not, post anyways.. I'm not going to get on your case about it unless it becomes a constant problem
[More coming when the mod has time]

Currently: Ok! So the community is officially open! The background and stuff is onyl temporary, until I get a chance to work with it. I have a few things I need to finish and touch up, but I shall do that later on since I should be in bed right now. -grins- But other then that, it's open and ready to go. Now.. I just need people to join. T^T You're all allowed to whore off the community. Lol. >>

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