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It's nearly pitch-black out tonight, far too cloudy to even show the moon. You know you shouldn't have spent so long hanging out with your friends, but they're persuasive and you lost track of time. That's fine, though. You don't live that far away.

But then, you start to get an eerie feeling. It's a lot like that strange itch you get when someone's been staring at you for too long, only ten times worse. It makes you shiver, despite the mild night. When you look around, there's no one there. No one except some bag lady wandering slowly down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, and you doubt that she could see anything through that big hat.

You keep going, but the feeling doesn't go away. In fact, you could swear that it intensifies. You're jittery, now, and you even start walking faster, eager to get home and go to sleep and forget about the weird feeling completely.

There's no warning when it happens. One moment, nothing's wrong, the next you've been shoved out of a streetlamp's light and into the gloom. You stumble back and hit a wall, having no time to react before something's pinning you down, and all your struggling does nothing to move your attacker. There's just enough light to see a silhouette, tangled hair framed by a big, ugly hat. It's the bag lady from before, but since when was an old woman this strong?

Then you hear a hiss, and see a brief reflection of light off of exposed fangs.

Your body isn't found until early the next morning.


Quaque Nocte is a supernatural-based Alternate Universe multifandom game. This means that you get to take your favorite characters from just about any sort of fandom and change them to fit the setting. You may make the character as 'alternate' as you please in this fashion, just as long as you keep them recognizeable.

We do allow OCs, but at the moment there are only 9 of 10 slots open, and they must undergo a trial period before being considered a full member of the game. As for the multifandom characters, they must fit in with the setting and follow all of the same rules.

The world of Quaque Nocte is superficially similar to our own. It's the year 4024, but in recent times there's been a backslide when it comes to both fashion and technology. While the technology and indeed the general state of the world is as it is now, the people are far more supersitious and fearful of what they don't understand. It's much like the 1800s in both style of dress and general mannerisms, though of course many people choose to mix more modern fashion in with their ruffles and lace.

The game takes place in the large city of Allupato, located in southern Italy. It is a modern Italian city with all the typical features of a city its size; while Italian is of course the main language, more than half the residents also speak English in the interest of encouraging tourism. Of course, like any other city, Allupato has its fair share of supernatural occurrences. Some of the residents themselves can't claim to be human, and that's not even taking into account what some of the foreigners are really like...

Won't you come play with us?

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