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こんばんは、 純ちゃんでちゅ!x3 皆さんよろしくお願いしま~す。えーと、私は杉崎ゆきる様の大ファンでちょっと照れます。^^; I live in Southern Cali as well, and Japanese if you couldn't already tell. >.>; What else, what else... To be truthful, the first piece of work that I saw was 女神候補生 that was dubbed into English and aired on Cartoon Network late at night. At first it said "Pilot Candidate" and I thought it was something cheesy like old anime [no offense] but when I changed the channel I realized it was a pretty kickass anime [not too old]. Although I must admit I was kinda worried when I saw the opening with the pilots aka Zero wearing... well, their outfits.

Anyway that anime grew on me and I fell in love with the art so I looked for anything on the mangaka or anime/manga and I found the first two mangas [although they were badly expensive] and also found 卒業M and ブレンパワード, which is similar to 女神候補生. My friend is in love with DNAngel and Lagoon Engine but I haven't looked into those yet. Last year when I went back to Japan, I bought the last DVD of 女神候補生 coz Cartoon Network people never aired the Special Curriculum.


P.S. My favorite characters areeeeee ガルイース クオレ and アーネスト エリッド. ^_^ d

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