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Hello, all! :P

Hello! My name is Scotty. I live in southern California, where it is hot beyond belief in the summer XX; Obviously, I LOVE the work of Yukiru Sugisaki. It all started with DNAngel. After that, I picked up Lagoon Engine and Einsatz, and now I must read Candidate for Goddess and all her other stuff.

What I like? The characters all so... unique, and the style everyting is drawn is amazing. I mean, a crossdressing editor. Who doesn't love Shintaro? Or Keiji Saga? DNAngel is awesome (I used it to get my friends interested in manga, and unsurprisingly, it worked...) Lagoon Engine cracks me up. I'm simplying dying to get my hands on the second volume of Lagoon Engine.

...Yes, this is a fan-induced rant thing. Shutting up now.... ^^;;

-starts babbling again-
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