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D.N.Eastereggs..! <3

Happy Easter everyone!

Alright, so in all of my obsessive glory, and my boredom. I made D.N.Angel eggs!! xD Er.. Yeah. We were painting eggs, adn I ended up painting Dark and Krad on some. So! I figured I'd share! Hehehehe! They aren't the best, but I'm rather proud of them. Though they look better in real life then they do in these pictures.....

Evil evil internet! T^T All fixed.

Have a good holiday, and, well, enjoy the eggs? xD

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
The above is my personal favorite, and the first I did. T^T I want to keep it. -sigh-
Image hosted by

Of course, the two I like are hard boild, so I'll have to throw them away or eat them soon ro something. But one of the Dark Mousy ones are hallow. So i can keep it. But it's my least favorite. -pouts- Ah well.

-Alyssa//Dark ~ Slave to the Dark
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